45 minutes to go.

Im sitting at my desk at my desk in my offcie and i realized that I only have 45 mins left. Who else gets out at 4:00, the perfect time to leave work and sit in traffic, always my favorite thing to do after work. However sometimes if you time it just right….there can be some gooooooood road ragers that you can watch.

My drive home everyday is about 40-60 mins on any given day, I can describe it as a good mix of demolition derby, the Nascar 500 and Grand theft auto. The demolition derby because some of the amazing ( I think its amazing) driving that I pull off to not be hit by one of these OUTSTANDING drivers… I should get a trophy. The Nascar 500, due to the amount of speed I need to maintain to avoid the demolition derby. Then theres GTA, due to some of the areas I go thru driving like Im trying to qualify for Nascar, since the areas have many many cars that have…..”seen better days” and the drivers could care less about one more dent.

Photo by Yurii Hlei on Pexels.com

The photo above is what I drive to go grocery shopping in my slippers. LOLOLOL J/K mine is Blue. lol

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44-Mom,wife.sister.best friend, free therapist, AUNTIE, loves the chaos that is my life!!

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