Just trying to survive.

Here we go!

I have no idea what Im doing with this blog , however I have been told that this is a good “stress relief” and that I should “get my feelings out”. My 1st thought, its cheaper than therapy and I can do this in my pajamas.

This should be interesting!

So I decided to give it a try, 1st things first.

  1. Names will be changed to protect the innocent or the guilty.
  2. This entire blog is made up entirely of my thoughts or feelings.
  3. If I should quote or use lyrics etc…no worries, I will give you the proper shout out.
  4. I do not OWN THE RIGHTS to anything I may post on here. Any questions see #3.
  5. Please dont be rude in the comments, I openly admit I have no idea what im doing, no need to rub it in with rude comments.
  6. EVERYONE is welcome here. I dont care what color you are , who you love, or who you voted for. We all screw up the same way.
  7. Not really sure what a “piggyback or tagback is on here, however Im not that strong so I hope youre light.
  8. Asking that you dont copy and of my stuff and use it as your own, thats just annoying and I really dont have the energy to chase you down…that would include running and re-read #7, so you can imagine that Im not that fast.

Published by kmancuso19

44-Mom,wife.sister.best friend, free therapist, AUNTIE, loves the chaos that is my life!!

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