Gamestop Gift Cards,,,???

Have you ever gotten one of those scams? in your email??

Well I did today and I decided to play. So I got a email from someone in my contacts who in the 15yrs shes been in my contacts shes NEVER sent me a single email,

yet to day I need to do a favor for her.,,,,,,,,hhhmmmm sounds kinds sketchy, but Im curious. So I said sure I can go buy that g/c for you! How much for???

The reply….. $300.00!! Holy crap, ok agan……Im in .

This is the reply that I got after I asked what to do w it once I got it.

“”””You can just send it to me here online So I can forward it to him Thanks for your response I’ll be expecting it.”””””

So tick tock tick tock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pretending im going to get it…………..tick tock tick tock

Published by kmancuso19

44-Mom, friend, free therapist, AUNTIE, loves the chaos that is my life!!

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