Oh Just STFU

Im sitting in my office and I can hear my manager and a customer talking about

all the “hotties” they see in the gym. Talking about hte blondes with the tattoos or the red head whos sexy but a little flabby.Debating recording the conversation for furure use, however I believe in Karma.

So the customer finally leaves and my bosshole looks over and smiles.

As if Im going to condone that conversation,so I flip him the bird and close my office door. feeling accomplished on the I am woman hear me roar. he made the mistake of knocking on my office door. Apparently he wants to hear it directly from my mouth…. so lets see what bosshole wants today…….

Published by kmancuso19

44-Mom,wife.sister.best friend, free therapist, AUNTIE, loves the chaos that is my life!!

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