Todays chaos.

Hey everyone,

Just poping in to say HI and see how everyones doing today?

Heres to hoping that the day stays as smooth sailing as its been.

So far the day hasnt sucked but its only 215pm so theres still potential for today to go strait to hell. LOL

Who’s got plans for the weekend?? I wanna here what you have going on?

Me… Im getting up way to early on a Saturday to go pick up my daughter from Cheer Camp. That girl is exhusted. Her little body isnt used to 10hrs a day of cheerleading, so I fully expect her to be asleep about 4.3 minutes in to the trip home, as she brought what seemed like her entire bedroom with her , she will be comfortable with the entire 2nd and 3rd row folded down.

Sunday….cleaning the house, laundry, cleaning the pool, good times! lol

So, what about you ? What do you have going on this weekend?

Wondering what to make for dinner on Sunday, any suggestions…(no fish) ?

Published by kmancuso19

44-Mom, friend, free therapist, AUNTIE, loves the chaos that is my life!!

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