Todays chaos.

Hey everyone, Just poping in to say HI and see how everyones doing today? Heres to hoping that the day stays as smooth sailing as its been. So far the day hasnt sucked but its only 215pm so theres still potential for today to go strait to hell. LOL Who’s got plans for the weekend?? […]

If im going to be late, Im not going to be hungry too.

So, I have this issue of being “on time” (if Im within 15 mins its a miracle) So when Im going to work in the morning, my thought about breakfast is “If Im going to be late regardless of stopping for breakfast, or not, Guess whos walking in with a #Dunkindonuts bag.” Ya’ll with me […]

Oh Just STFU

Im sitting in my office and I can hear my manager and a customer talking about all the “hotties” they see in the gym. Talking about hte blondes with the tattoos or the red head whos sexy but a little flabby.Debating recording the conversation for furure use, however I believe in Karma. So the customer […]