Todays chaos.

Hey everyone,

Just poping in to say HI and see how everyones doing today?

Heres to hoping that the day stays as smooth sailing as its been.

So far the day hasnt sucked but its only 215pm so theres still potential for today to go strait to hell. LOL

Who’s got plans for the weekend?? I wanna here what you have going on?

Me… Im getting up way to early on a Saturday to go pick up my daughter from Cheer Camp. That girl is exhusted. Her little body isnt used to 10hrs a day of cheerleading, so I fully expect her to be asleep about 4.3 minutes in to the trip home, as she brought what seemed like her entire bedroom with her , she will be comfortable with the entire 2nd and 3rd row folded down.

Sunday….cleaning the house, laundry, cleaning the pool, good times! lol

So, what about you ? What do you have going on this weekend?

Wondering what to make for dinner on Sunday, any suggestions…(no fish) ?

If im going to be late, Im not going to be hungry too.

So, I have this issue of being “on time” (if Im within 15 mins its a miracle)

So when Im going to work in the morning, my thought about breakfast is

“If Im going to be late regardless of stopping for breakfast, or not, Guess whos walking in with a #Dunkindonuts bag.”

Ya’ll with me so far? I mean if Im ALREADY late, just imagine how much more annoyed and irratble I would be if I was hungry too!

Just a thought……who’s with me on this?? Leave comments below!

Oh Just STFU

Im sitting in my office and I can hear my manager and a customer talking about

all the “hotties” they see in the gym. Talking about hte blondes with the tattoos or the red head whos sexy but a little flabby.Debating recording the conversation for furure use, however I believe in Karma.

So the customer finally leaves and my bosshole looks over and smiles.

As if Im going to condone that conversation,so I flip him the bird and close my office door. feeling accomplished on the I am woman hear me roar. he made the mistake of knocking on my office door. Apparently he wants to hear it directly from my mouth…. so lets see what bosshole wants today…….

Gamestop Gift Cards,,,???

Have you ever gotten one of those scams? in your email??

Well I did today and I decided to play. So I got a email from someone in my contacts who in the 15yrs shes been in my contacts shes NEVER sent me a single email,

yet to day I need to do a favor for her.,,,,,,,,hhhmmmm sounds kinds sketchy, but Im curious. So I said sure I can go buy that g/c for you! How much for???

The reply….. $300.00!! Holy crap, ok agan……Im in .

This is the reply that I got after I asked what to do w it once I got it.

“”””You can just send it to me here online So I can forward it to him Thanks for your response I’ll be expecting it.”””””

So tick tock tick tock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pretending im going to get it…………..tick tock tick tock

45 minutes to go.

Im sitting at my desk at my desk in my offcie and i realized that I only have 45 mins left. Who else gets out at 4:00, the perfect time to leave work and sit in traffic, always my favorite thing to do after work. However sometimes if you time it just right….there can be some gooooooood road ragers that you can watch.

My drive home everyday is about 40-60 mins on any given day, I can describe it as a good mix of demolition derby, the Nascar 500 and Grand theft auto. The demolition derby because some of the amazing ( I think its amazing) driving that I pull off to not be hit by one of these OUTSTANDING drivers… I should get a trophy. The Nascar 500, due to the amount of speed I need to maintain to avoid the demolition derby. Then theres GTA, due to some of the areas I go thru driving like Im trying to qualify for Nascar, since the areas have many many cars that have…..”seen better days” and the drivers could care less about one more dent.

Photo by Yurii Hlei on

The photo above is what I drive to go grocery shopping in my slippers. LOLOLOL J/K mine is Blue. lol

Just trying to survive.

Here we go!

I have no idea what Im doing with this blog , however I have been told that this is a good “stress relief” and that I should “get my feelings out”. My 1st thought, its cheaper than therapy and I can do this in my pajamas.

This should be interesting!

So I decided to give it a try, 1st things first.

  1. Names will be changed to protect the innocent or the guilty.
  2. This entire blog is made up entirely of my thoughts or feelings.
  3. If I should quote or use lyrics etc…no worries, I will give you the proper shout out.
  4. I do not OWN THE RIGHTS to anything I may post on here. Any questions see #3.
  5. Please dont be rude in the comments, I openly admit I have no idea what im doing, no need to rub it in with rude comments.
  6. EVERYONE is welcome here. I dont care what color you are , who you love, or who you voted for. We all screw up the same way.
  7. Not really sure what a “piggyback or tagback is on here, however Im not that strong so I hope youre light.
  8. Asking that you dont copy and of my stuff and use it as your own, thats just annoying and I really dont have the energy to chase you down…that would include running and re-read #7, so you can imagine that Im not that fast.

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